InstructorClass TitleClass DescriptionDurationHands-onClass LimitHandoutsMaterials Fee Amount
Mistress Wuennemon die NaehrinRegional differences in clothing for Baltic cultures during the late iron ageWe will look at and discuss regional variations in women’s clothing for cultures surrounding the Baltic Sea to include Latagallian, Estonian, Curonian, Selonian, and Finnish. This includes basic silhouettes and proper layers, jewelry and ornamentation, and head coverings. 2 hrsNo9YesNone
Mistress Zayn al-Munajjima, called MittensDemystifying the PeeragesRepresentatives from all bestowed Peerages, in addition to members of the Order of the Rose, will be on hand to answer your questions. We hope to video the class and upload it for those who cannot be in attendance. If you have questions, but are uncomfortable asking in person OR if you won't be there, but still want to ask a question for the benefit of the populace, feel free to email the facilitator at Please indicate if you want your questions asked anonymously. 1hrNoas many as will fit in the room comfortablyNoNone
Countess Gwendolen Isabella StewartNorse Women's DressA look at what women in the "Viking" era wore in Scandinavia, Britain, and Iceland, with discussion on speculative construction and social class. The class will break down common SCA myths, look at the impact of earlier cultures and Eastern influences, and discuss a few options we don't explore very often, but likely should. 1hrNoNoneYes$1 or donation
Magistra Rosemounde of MerciaPower and Leadership in the SCADiscussion and problem solving class about how the power structures in the SCA function, and how to develop progressive leadership. 1.5hrNoNoneNoNone
Una BarthrsdottirClothing a Norseman- An overview of Scandinavian men's clothing from the 8th to the late 10th centuries.1hrNoYesNone
TH Lady Ayna al-KahinaPick-up Inkle Weaving (includes Baltic pick-up)A demonstration of the techniques of Heddled and Non-heddled pick-up weaving and Baltic pick-up. The Baltic technique pattern will be the Meridian trim used on Duke Bryce and Duchess Rhiannon's clothing.1 hrNono limitNoNone
Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d'avignonSocial Media Round TableQuestion and answer session surrounding social media policy.1hrYesNoneNoNone
Mistress Andriet di PisanSurvey of Gingerbread/Making of Gingerbread-Lecture and Hands-on classHistory of Period Gingerbread and Hands On making
A short history of period gingerbread will be covered, and redacted recipes will be made from attendee's choice. A class fee of $2.00 is asked to cover ingredients in the hands-on baking. You will get to take your finished product home.
2hrsYes10 for hands-on, otherwise any number for lectureYes$2.00
THL Sara al-GarnatiyyaMedieval Astronomy and AstrologyAn overview of how astronomy and astrology interplayed with each other in the middle ages -- this class will cover what astronomy and astrology were respectively used for, and how they interplayed with each other. 1hrNoNoneYesNone
Fynlo Mac CaneGetting Started in SCA Combat ArcheryHave you ever thought about getting into Combat Archery in the SCA? This is the right class for you then!
We will be discussing basic equipment and requirements to get on the field of a battle and answering your questions.
There will be equipment for you to look at and touch and a list of helpful links will be provided to help you on your way.
Mistress Anneke von EisenbergPhotographing the SCALearn how to become a photo ninja! We'll cover helpful tips for taking photos at SCA events and what to do with them afterwards. Bring your camera and we'll take some photos together!2hrsYesNoneNoNone
Maestra Magdalena de Parma, THLAislinge MacCuithein and THLCorwin GiollapadhrragThe Pasta ProjectA hands on class about period pasta. Recipes are from 15th century Maestro Martino and 16th century Scappi. We will cover the different doughs and techniques for shaping pasta and stuffed pasta.2 hrYes8YesNone
HL Azenari BasandereHow to pattern horse bardingLearn how to pattern horse bardting to help your equestrian friends.1hrYes10NoNone
Lady Jeanne ChandeliérePayPalUsing PayPal For Event Reservations and/or PayPal Here for Credit Cards at the Door
1hrNoNo LimitNoNone
Alisandre de la ChapelleBasic Italian Hem StitchInstructions for the basic drawn thread hem stitch and a variation as well as examples of its use from 14th, 15th & 16th-century art.1.5hrYes8 for practice piece, no limit on listenersYesNone
Duke Thomas BlackmooreChip Carving 101An introduction to the techniques of chip carving. This is a hands on try and take class.
Mistress Fionnabhair of VrishnabaBasics of Backstrap Loom WeavingStudents will learn the basics of setting up a backstrap loom and the principles of weaving on it without destroying your back.1hrYes5 for hands on, Unlimited for lectureNo$5.00
Magistra Fiana of ClareMedieval Drama Hands-on WorkshopThis workshop will focus a read through / walk through of a medieval play (TBD). If interested, please e-mail Magistra Fiana beforehand so she can send out PDFs of the script.

2hrsYesNone listedYesNone