The presented schedule is tentative and subject to change upon review by Their Royal Majesties. A final schedule will be published when approved.

7:30Site OpensWelcome WelcomeTrollEvent
8:00Faire Entry Setup OpensFaires Organizers2 hrA&S GalleryFaire
8:30Photographing the SCAMistress Anneke von Eisenberg2hrBldg 1 1-AClass
8:30Weaving on a Backstrap LoomMistress Fionnabahr of Vrishnaba1 hrBldg 1 2-AClass
8:30Medieval PlaysMagistra Fiana Claire2 hrBldg 2 Meeting RoomClass
8:30Exchequer Officer MeetingMaistreas Cairistiona bhanBldg 1 1-BMeeting
8:30Chatelaines Officer MeetingCountes Ysmay of Branston1hrBldg 2 VestibuleMeeting
9:00Vigil for Issac RousCrown & Graf Ulrichall dayLittle GymCrown
9:00The Pasta ProjectMistress Magdelena de Parma
THL Aislinge MacCuitein
THL Corwin Giollapadhrrag
2 hrsBldg 2 Large KitchenClass
9:30Regional Differences in Clothing for Baltic Cultures during the Late Iron AgeMistress Wuennemon2 hrsBldg 1 1-AClass
9:30Chip Carving 1066Duke Thomas Blackmoore, KSCA, OP, OL1 hrBldg 1 1-BClass
9:30Power and Leadership in the SCAMaestra Rosemunde of Mercia1.5 hrBldg 1 2-AClass
9:30Getting Started in SCA Combat ArcheryTHL Fynlo Mac Cane2 hrsBldg 2 VestibuleClass
9:30Knight Marshal Officer MeetingSir Caius Aurelius1hrLittle GymMeeting
9:30Rapier Marshal Officer MeetingLord Davio De Le RougeLarge GymMeeting
10:00Faire Entry Setup closes/Regional Judging StartsA&S GalleryFaire
10:00All Fighting Formats startDuke Seth of GullinariBldg 2 GymsMarshal Combat
10:30Medieval Astronomy and AstrologyTHL Sara al-Garnatiyya1hrBldg 1 1-BClass
10:30Split Arrow Order MeetingCrown & Order1hrBldg 2 Meeting RoomMeeting
11:30Feast beginsCome Hungry1.5hrsBldg 1 Social AreaFood
13:00Feast endsLeave StuffedFood
13:00Vigil for THL Mariana Cristina Tirado de AragonCrown & Domina Porcia SecundaBldg 2 Large GymCrown
13:00Performing & Live Arts Presented2hrA&S GalleryFaire
13:00Clothing a NorsemanUna Barthrsdottir1 hrBldg 1 1-AClass
13:00SCA Early Period Meet & Greet1hrBldg 1 1-BClass
13:00The Mystery and Myths of PaypalTHL Jeanne Chandeliacre1 hrBldg 2 Meeting RoomClass
13:00Rum Officer MeetingMistress Zayn al-Munajjima1hrBldg 2 VestibuleMeeting
13:00GingerbreadMistress Andriet di Pisan2 hrsBldg 2 Large KitchenClass
14:00Norse Women's DressCountess Gwendolen Isabella Stewart, OL1 hrBldg 1 1-AClass
14:00How to Pattern Horse BardingTHL Azenari Basandere1 hrBldg 1 1-BClass
14:00Basic Italian Hem StitchAlisandre de la Chapelle2 hrBldg 2 VestibuleClass
14:00Pelicans Order MeetingCrown & Order1hrBldg 2 Meeting RoomMeeting
15:00A&S Faire Display & Judging Ends/A&S Faire Entries Pickup.5hrA&S GalleryFaire
15:00Seneschals MeetingGraf Ulrich1 hrBldg 1 1-AMeeting
15:00Social Media Round tableTHL Baroness Isabetta de San Marco
Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d'avignon
1 hrBldg 1 1-BMeeting
15:00Herald MeetingMistress Wu1 hrBldg 2 Meeting RoomMeeting
15:30Laurels Order MeetingCrown & Order.5hrA&S GalleryMeeting
16:00Demystifying the Peerages PanelMistress Zayn al-Munajjima1 hrBldg 1 2-A/BOther
16:00All Fighting Formats EndDuke Seth of GullinariBldg 2 GymsMarshal Combat
17:00CourtCrownBldg 1 2-A/BCrown
18:00Site ClosesThanks for coming; see you next year!Event