Rising Stone Populous Choice Arts & Science Faire

The Populous A&S Faire is open to anyone who wishes to display an Arts & Science project in any of the specified categories including the SCA Life category.

SCA Life – Items that, while not documentable to our period, enhance the overall experience of the SCA. Some examples would be a heraldic cooler cover, tissue paper stained glass windows, or a fighter waterer disguised as a duck; the limit is your imagination.

Documentation is not required to participate in this Faire but entrants may include it along with their entry.  Judging is done by the Populous using the “Bead in a cup” method. The winner of the Populous Choice will be recognized in Court.

The Meridies Arts & Sciences webpage has more information about A&S categories.

Regional Arts & Science Faire

Entering a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Regional Faire is a good opportunity for artisans to receive valuable feedback about their craft and is an excellent chance for artisans to meet others who practice the same craft and to share ideas.

Rules for the Regional Art & Sciences Faire

Due to the site’s ban on Alcohol; there will not be a Brewing and Vinting category at this Faire.
      • Each entrant shall be allowed 2 entries per category, with a cap of 12 entries total. Participation in a group entry shall count toward the individual entry limit. Each participant in a group entry receives the score points that the entry receives.
      • Static judging will be closed to both entrants and the populace.
      • Performing entries are limited to 15 minutes, including introduction.
      • Written documentation must be provided for all entries according to the guidelines of the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Office.
      • Judges will write a critique of each entry and sign the entry sheet legibly. The entry sheets will be returned to the entrants (or guardians for absentee entries) after judging and tabulation is complete.
      • Entries shall be judged on their own merit and not compared to any other entries. There will be no time limit on the age of an entry, although an item that shows wear or is dirty will not do as well as one that looks new.
      • Absentee entries will be accepted as long as a guardian is present to take care of the entry.
      • Entrants may not judge in any category in which they have an entry.
      • Please contact Maestra Serafina Alamanni for information on Research Papers or other A&S topics not covered above.

For more online information, please visit the Meridies Arts & Sciences web page.